PIRO Media

is a media production initiative created by Rommelt Pineda. With my passion and knowledge I have perceived in several years of experience in media production, my goal is to produce you the best content with my resources.


  • During my studies in a higher technical institute, I have followed my passion in creating media content: shot landscapes photos, created videos for several YouTube channels
  • June 2018: passed my Matura in the technical institute
  • October 2018 – September 2019: first video projects (dance videos)
  • October 2019: first major video project ordered by Mindeullae
  • Since then the media partner of Mindeullae
  • Since September 2020 also the video producer of N.D.M.S
  • produced K-FLASH 2020 with Mindeullae

These accomplishments are just the beginning of my long journey. I am thankful for all the people, who let me take over the productions.