K-FLASH 2020

In cooperation with Mindeullae (mindeullae.com) we have produced a dance cover concert – 12 performances in total.

K-FLASH 2020 should have been held as a live concert with audience, but as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic the concert has been cancelled. That is why Mindeullae decided to organize the concert as a livestream. 

The production was held according to COVID-19 measurements at that time. We insured everyone safety by creating a shooting schedule (which performance is shot in a certain time frame) and setting up hygiene measurements such as wearing masks for non-performers and film production staff and providing disinfectant.

PIRO Media was in charge of the whole film production, which includes:

  • find & secure a shooting location
  • setting up the scheduling (german: “Disposition”)
  • filming
  • post-production

In addition to that a livestream on Youtube has been carried out.